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2017-11-29 Professor Mu Hongyan:Historical Causes of Iran's Relationship between Politics and Religion

Title of Lecture: Historical Causes of Iran's Relationship between Politics and Religion

Lecturer: Professor Mu Hongyan

Host: Professor Ha Baoyu

Time: 09:00

Date: 2017-11-29

Venue: Gui Ren lecture hall,three floors,Chong Yu Building, Yanta Campus

Hosted by: Religious Studies Center,Shaanxi Normal University

About the Lecture:

    The Iranian nation belongs to the Aryan nation, which is homologous with the Indian nation. Prior to the Islamization, the priestly cleric who held the power of authority and the samurai caste that controlled the monarchy were always a relationship that supported each other and checked each other. After the Islamicization, the Iranian caste system gradually disappeared. The Islamic Shiite firmly mastered the thinking of the grassroots people. The monarchical power and the religious power both supported and checked each other. In the 1960s, because of the incompatibility with the religious class,  King Pahlavi always solved the monarchy that Iran has lasted for more than three thousand years.

Profile of the Lecturer:

    Professor of Asia-Africa Institute of Beijing Foreign Studies University, Distinguished Professor of Oriental Literature Research Center of Peking University, and Persian language expert. Former Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Foreign Literature Oriental Literature Research Office, deputy director, director of the office, director of Chinese Foreign Literary Society, director of China Association of non-linguistics. Has long been engaged in Persian (Iran) literature and art and religious culture. Published monographs of "phoenix regeneration - the study of modern Iranian poetry" "the study of Persian classical poetics" "Persian notes" translated "Complete Works of Masnavi" (first, second, sixth volumes), " Yam four lines of poetry one hundred "" Iran modern new poetry selection "" Soul Surgery - Iranian modern novel selection "" Caesar poetry "" Iran contemporary short song line "" Sakha Song "" blind owl "and so on, Published more than 100 papers on Persian (Iranian) literature and art and religious culture.

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