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2017-12-11 Prof. Zhang Zehong:Research on the Relationship between Buddhism and Taoism in Chang'an in Tang Dynasty

Title of Lecture: Research on the Relationship between Buddhism and Taoism in Chang'an in Tang Dynasty

Lecturer: Prof. Zhang Zehong

Host: Prof. Lv Jianfu

Time: 19:00

Date: 2017-12-11

Venue: Minxing lecture Hall,Chong Yu Building, Yanta Campus

Hosted by: Religious Studies Center

About the Lecture:

    The Tang Dynasty society in the multicultural background is the period of flourishing development of Buddhism and Taoism. As a political and cultural center, Chang'an is also the center of Buddhism and Taoism in China. The Tang Dynasty Chang'an Buddhist temples, Taoist temples a large number of settings, the monks of all the mountains, high road convergence Chang'an, actively involved in social, political and cultural activities. Under the social atmosphere of the three religions in the Tang Dynasty, monks and Taoist priest in Chang'an paid attention to the preaching of the Dharma and tried their best to expand the influence of Buddhism and Taoism in the social life. From the monasticism of the monks and priests of Chang'an in the Tang Dynasty and the precepts of monks and priests in propaganda of Buddhism, the communication and relationships between monks and Taoist priest found in the Tang poems reflect the historical facts of the harmonious coexistence of Buddhism and Taoism.

Profile of the Lecturer:

    Zhang Zehong, born in September 1955, has a master's degree in history from Wuhan University and a Ph.D. from Sichuan University. Now he is a professor of Sichuan University, a national "985 Project", academic leader of the religious, philosophical and social research and innovation base of Sichuan University, and a doctoral supervisor of the Taoist and Religious Cultural Institute of Sichuan University. "Religious Studies" executive deputy editor. In 2002 and 2014, it was selected as the academic leader of Sichuan Province twice. China Religious Association, director of China Ethnology Association, director of China-foreign relations history society, Laozi Taoist culture research association executive director. The main research areas of Taoism, Southwest Minorities religion.Academic works include "Cultural Communication and Ritual Symbolism: A Comparative Study of Worship Ceremony of Religions and Taoism in Ethnic Minorities in Southwest China", "Ceremony of Taoist Rituals of Rituals", "Studies of Taoist Singing and Chinese Folk Culture" and "Taoist Ceremonial Studies" , Monographs and author writing a total of 3.68 million words. He has published 295 academic papers in China and abroad, including 127 CSSCI core journals and 11 articles on religious studies and ethnology on "World Religious Studies" and "Ethnic Studies". 15 articles reproduced in the newspapers and magazines such as Religion, Ethnic Studies, Cultural Studies, Studies in Ancient Chinese Literature and Modern Literature, 2 articles for Chinese Social Sciences Abstracts, 2 Articles for Digests of Liberal Arts Papers of Higher Education Pick 3 articles. In the international publication "East Asian Humanities" published three papers, the famous international Chinese sinology in Taiwan, "Sinology" published a paper. The "History of Chinese Taoism", which participated in the main research, won the first prize of Outstanding Achievements in Philosophy and Social Science of Sichuan Provincial People's Government and was awarded the second prize of the 6th High-School Scientific Research Outstanding Achievement Award (Humanities and Social Science) by the Ministry of Education. And successively won the Sichuan Provincial People's Government ninth, eleventh, thirteen, fifteen philosophy and social sciences outstanding achievement prize three. Since 2001, he has participated in more than 100 international and domestic academic seminars and has conducted academic exchanges in Japan, Germany, France, South Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Taiwan. He has presided 4 National Social Science Fund Project, and 2 major research projects of Ministry of Education Humanities and Social Science. In religious studies, and ethnology area, he is an influential scholar at home and abroad.

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