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2017-12-25 Dr. Jianshe Yu:Modelling Wolbachia infection in mosquitoes via impulsive equations

Title of Lecture: Modelling Wolbachia infection in mosquitoes via impulsive equations

Lecturer: Dr. Jianshe Yu

Host: Prof. Sanyi Tang

Time: 15:00

Date: 2017-12-25

Venue: Academic Hall, School of Mathematics and Information Science

Hosted by: School of Mathematics and Information Science

About the Lecture:

Mathematical models making use of difference equations hadplayed an instrumentalrole in determining the release thresholdfor Wolbachia fixationin nonoverlapping populations in laboratory. Inspired by its great potential toeliminate the mosquito-bornediseases. Our question is: If a batch ofWolbachia-infected mosquitoes are released ina laboratory cage, howcan the infection frequency in the cage achieve the aim predesigned? In thisreport, our purpose is to model the Wolbachia-infected dynamics byreleasingWolbachia-infected mosquitoes in laboratory cage by establishing impulsivedifference equation models.Our analysis gives therelease rate threshold denoted by f, when the release rate is above f,it will guarantee thatthe infection frequency canachieve the aim, whereas when the releaserate is below f, it will miss our aim.

Profile of the Lecturer:

Prof. Yu mainlyengaged in the differential equations, difference equations theorymathematicalbiology model theory and its applications. He has published more than 100papers in "J. Differential Equations", "SIAM Journal of AppliedMathematics", "Journal of Mathematics Biology", "Science China"and other domestic and international academic journals. He has received the eminentyouth fund of the National Natural Science Foundation. He has presided 3 keyprojects and 4 general projects of the National Natural Science Fundation, presidedthe Ph.D. Programs Foundation of Ministry of Education of Chinaand more than 10 other provincial funds. He is selected to be the first and secondlevel candidates of the national "Bai Qian Wan Talents Project".

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