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2017-4-28 Prof. Cristián Huepe(CHuepe Lab):Heng-Yuan Academic Lectures (077) –Self-organizing dynamics in active systems

Title of Lecture: Heng-Yuan Academic Lectures (077) –Self-organizing dynamics in active systems

Lecturer: Prof. Cristián Huepe(CHuepe Lab)

Time: 16:30

Date: 2017-4-28

Venue: Rm.3624, Zhizhi Bldig. , Chang’an Campus

Hosted by: School of Physics and Information Technology

About the Lecture:

Self-organization is often observed in active matter systems such ascell colonies, developing tissue, insect swarms, bird flocks, and groups ofautonomous robots.  Its emergence influid-like systems of self-propelled agents with aligning interactions has beenthe focus of intense research. In this talk, I will introduce an alternativeactive matter model in which interactions are position-based and have noexplicitly aligning component. In this model, an elasticity-based mechanismdrives the agents to self-organize by selecting lower-energy collective modes. Givenits simplicity, this mechanism could play a relevant role in a variety ofnatural and artificial active systems.

Profile of the Lecturer:

Prof. Cristián Huepe is a theoretical physicist conducting researchin complex systems using approaches from nonlinear dynamics, nonequilibriumsystems and statistical physics.  Prof.Huepe obtained his PhD at the École Normale Supérieure in Paris, after completingundergraduate studies in his native Chile. He then worked as a postdoctoralresearcher in Chicago, first at the University of Chicago and later atNorthwestern University. Since 2006, Prof. Huepe has worked as an unaffiliatedresearcher, heading his own CHuepe Labs in Chicago, supported by variousresearch funds. He has developed two major NSF grant projects, one with Prof.Iain Couzin and his lab at Princeton University.

Prof. Huepe is currently anAdjunct Research Professor at Northwestern University, External Faculty at theNorthwestern Institute on Complex Systems, and an Associate Researcher atBeijing Normal University (where he works 2 months per year). He has also beena Guest Scientist at the Max Planck Institute for the Physics of ComplexSystems (Dresden, Germany) and had extended visits at the City University ofHong Kong, the Robert-Koch Institute and Humboldt University in Berlin(Germany), the Institute for Physical Sciences at UNAM (Mexico), and theUniversidad de Chile in Santiago (Chile). His work has been featured in ScienceDaily, Focus Online, National Geographic Germany and Wired Magazine, amongothers.


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