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2017-6-19 Prof. Shunlong Luo:Superposition Quantification in Quantum Information

Title of Lecture: Superposition Quantification in Quantum Information

Lecturer: Prof. Shunlong Luo

Host: Prof. Huaixin Cao

Time: 16:30

Date: 2017-6-19

Venue: Academic Hall, School of Mathematics and Information Science

Hosted by: School of Mathematics and Information Science

About the Lecture:

The principle of superposition is universal and lies at the heart of quantum theory. Although with the inception of quantum mechanics a century ago, superposition has occupied a central and pivotal place, rigorous and systematic studies of superposition quantification have attracted significant interests only in recent years, and many related issues remain subtle. We introduce a figure of merit which quantifiessuperposition from an intuitive and direct perspective, investigate its fundamental properties, connect it to some coherence measures, and illustrateit through several examples. Combined with the quantification of pathinformation in terms of the Gram matrix, the superposition measure is further applied to quantifying the wave-particle duality.


Profile of the Lecturer:

Shunlong Luo received his B.S. and Ph.D.degrees both in mathematics from ShanghaiJiao TongUniversity and Wuhan Universityin 1989 and 1995, respectively.

In 2001, he was a researcher and aDoctoral supervisor at the Institute of mathematics and systems science, Chinese Academy of Sciences. He is now a deputydirector, Institute of Applied Mathematics, Institute of Mathematics andSystems Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Heis also the director of Research Center for Quantum Computationand Quantum Information Processing and a professor of University of ChineseAcademy of Sciences. His published papers have been cited at least 4000 times accordingto the Google Scholar. He was invited to give a one-hour talk in the EighthInternational Congress on industrial and Applied Mathematics.

He mainly worked at probabilisticstatistics and quantum information research and has published ore than 50mathematical papers in Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society, Proceedingsof the American Mathematical Society, Comptes Rendus de l'Académie des Sciences(Paris), Journal of Operator Theory and so on. Also, he has published more than60 physical papers in Physical Review Letters, Physics Today, Physical ReviewA, Foundations of Physics, International Journal of Theoretical Physics,Journal of Statistical Physics and so on.

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