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2017-6-22 Chao Li:The Security of both SMS4 Block Cipher and SMS-like Cipher

Title of Lecture: The Security of both SMS4 Block Cipher and SMS-like Cipher

Lecturer: Chao Li

Time: 14:30

Date: 2017-6-22

Venue: 622 meeting room of School of Computer Science, Wenjin Building

Hosted by: School of Computer Science, SNNU

About the Lecture:

The SMS4 block cipher is recommended by the Chinese government as their part WAPI standard for wireless networks. SMS4 adopts a 4-branch unbalanced Feistel structure and with a 32-round iterations of SP-type round function. The block size and key size are both 128 bits. This report presents a necessary and sufficient condition for the existence of 12-round impossible differential distinguisher and 12-round zero correlation linear distinguisher, which is independent of the choices of the S-boxes. We also point out that both the 12-round impossible differential distinguisher given by Jiqiang Lv in ICICS 2007 and the 12-round zero correlation linear distinguisher given by Bing Sun in CRYPTO 2015 are independent of the S-boxes. Furthermore, we proved that when the branch number of the Feistel structure n is even and round function is SP-type, both SMS-like cipher and MARS-like cipher exist 3n-round impossible differential distinguisher and 3n-round zero correlation linear distinguisher, which are independent of the choices of the S-boxes.

Profile of the Lecturer:

Chao Li, Professor, Doctoral Supervisor, National University of Defense Technology. Director of Chinese Association for Cryptologic Research(CACR). Managing Director of Mathematical Association of Hunan Province. Leader of more than 20 researching projects, including Key Research and Develop Plan, 863 Project, National Natural Science Foundation of China and so on. His works have been published by Science Press and Higher Education Press etc., including 2 monographs, 6 text books and 3 conference proceedings. He has published more than 100 research papers on journals such as IEEE Trans. on Information Theory and Science in China, of which more than 50 papers are indexed by SCI, and more than 60 papers are indexed by EI. He also got a First prize in military scientific and technological progress, a Second prize in ministerial level scientific and technological progress, as well as Military academy YuCai prize gold award and silver award.

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