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2017-6-22 Prof. Chaoyang Zhang:Data Mining and Machine Learning Methods and Their Applications in Bioinformatics and Healthcare

Title of Lecture: Data Mining and Machine Learning Methods and Their Applications in Bioinformatics and Healthcare

Lecturer: Prof. Chaoyang Zhang

Time: 16:00

Date: 2017-6-22

Venue: Academic Hall, School of Computer Science

Hosted by: Prof. Chaoyang Zhang

About the Lecture:

The big data analytics depend on the data miningand machine learning methods. In this talk I will briefly introduce the newadvances of big data research in the United Stated of American and then presenttwo data mining and machine learning methods and their applications in bothbioinformatics and healthcare risk prediction. A new Bayesian learning andoptimization model (BLOM) was developed in our Data Mining and BioinformaticsLaboratory for inferring gene regulatory networks from time series microarraydata. This approach successfully identified hub genes and several importantgene regulation relationships in the pathways and also addressed the dynamicchange of biological networks in the course of the treatment and recovery ofdifferent species. In the second part of the talk, I will introduce multi-labelclassification and deep learning method for the health and disease riskprediction using physical exam records and traditional Chinese medicine data.

Profile of the Lecturer:

 Dr. ChaoyangZhang is a tenured full professor in the School of Computing at theUniversity of Southern Mississippi and supervised twelve PhD. students. He wasthe Director of School of Computing from 2008 to 2014. His research includesdata mining, machine learning, systems biology and bioinformatics, medical dataanalysis and high performance computing. Dr. Zhang, as principal investigatoror co-principle investigator, received eighteen research grants with a total offive million dollars, supported by National Science Foundation, Department ofDefense, National Institute of Health, and Homeland Security. Dr. Zhang haspublished more than seventy peer-reviewed journal articles and conferencepapers, one of which received the Sylvia Sorkin Greenfield Award which was thebest paper award published in the Journal of Medical Physics in 2004, awardedby American Association of Physicists in Medicine. Dr. Zhang has been veryactive in academic service and leadership. He served on the National ScienceFoundation panels for several times. He also severed as ACM-BCB2010 SteeringCommittee Co-Chair, 2009 IJCBS conference program committee chair, electedPresident of the US Midsouth Computational Biology and Bioinformatics Societyin 2014-2015.

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