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2017-6-28 Dr. Hulin Wu:Big EHR Data: A Directed-Graph Network of Disease-Disease Interactions

Title of Lecture: Big EHR Data: A Directed-Graph Network of Disease-Disease Interactions

Lecturer: Dr. Hulin Wu

Time: 15:00

Date: 2017-6-28

Venue: Academic Hall, School of Mathematics and information Science

Hosted by: School of Mathematics and information Science

About the Lecture:

Basedon two health care Big Data sets with sample sizes n=10 million and 50 millionrespectively, we derived different types of disease-disease networks using thelongitudinal information. We establish both short-term and long-term directednetworks as well as the simultaneously-occurring undirected network of 1660PheWAS disease groups. Among 2,753,940 possible disease pairs, we identified 646,969for long-term and 10,587 for short-term significant pairs, respectively, whichwere observed in at least five patients and had relative risk (RR) > 1 withsignificance at 0.05 level after Bonferroni corrections. Among 1,376,970possible disease pairs of simultaneous occurrence, we identified 18,137 which wereobserved in at least five patients and had RR > 1 with significance at 0.05level after Bonferroni corrections. Based on the results, we define a newdisease Influence Factor (IF).  For theshort-term network, the top diseases with the highest IF is more likelypregnancy related; while for the long-term network, it is more kidney relateddiseases. More clinical implications from these findings will be discussed. Iwill also discuss the challenges in Big Data research and future trends.

Profile of the Lecturer:

HulinWu received his Ph.D. degree in Florida State University in 1994. He iscurrently the chair of Department of Biostatistics, School of Public Health inthe University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston. His recent researchinterests include Big Data analytics for biomedical and health sciences,complex high-dimensional data analysis, statistical methods and theories fordifferential equation models, computational systems biology and bioinformaticswith applications to immunology and infectious diseases. He published 2 booksand more than 100 peer-reviewed papers in top statistical methodology, biostatisticaland biomathematical  journals.

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