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2017-6-30 Dr. Tonghui Wang:Lecture series in School of Mathematics and Information Sciences

Title of Lecture: Lecture series in School of Mathematics and Information Sciences

Lecturer: Dr. Tonghui Wang

Time: 09:00

Date: 2017-6-30

Venue: Academic Hall, School of Mathematics and Information Sciences

Hosted by: School of Mathematics and Information Sciences

About the Lecture:

Title of Lecture 1Statistics beyond normal assumptions------Skewnormal distribution families with applications

Title of Lecture 2Statistical and Machine-learning Data Mining---- Techniques for BetterPredictive Modeling and Analysis of Big Data

Profile of the Lecturer:

Professor Tonghui Wangreceived a bachelor's degree in Mathematics at the Northwest University in1982, and obtained master's degree and Ph.D. in statistics at University ofWindsor in Canada in 1988 and 1992 respectively. He is atenured professor at new Mexico state universityin United States . He was a chair professor at Southwestern University OfFinance and Economics (2007), King Mongkut University of technology in Thailand(2009,2012-2017), Thammasat University in Thailand (2013-2014), NorthwestA&F University (2010-2013), Inner Mongolia Agricultural University(2014-2015),  University of Sydney inAustralia (2015), and Donghua University (2016) . Professor Tonghui Wangvisited Tsinghua University, Beijing University of Technology, BeihangUniversity, Renmin University of China, Donghua University, Hangzhou DianziUniversity, Shanghai foreign trade university, Sichuan University, Chang'anUniversity, Northwestern University, Xi'an Polytechnic University, XinjiangAgricultural University, Chinese University Hong Kong, the National CentralResearch Institute (Taiwan), (University of politics Taiwan), Fu Jen CatholicUniversity (Taiwan), Bowling Green University, Duke University, University ofTexas at El Paso, Rice University, University of Windsor, Queen’s University, ChiangMai University (Thailand) and other universities and made academic reports. hehas published more than 70 academic papers in international journals and twotextbooks . He has engaged in multivariate stastistic analysis and applicationfor many years and has rich experience in teaching. Hisresearchesespecially on the skewed normal distribution familythat has a wide range of application arein a leading position in the world. His presentresearch directions include: multivariate analysis, skew normal distributionfamilies and its application, copulas and correlation measurement, multivariatelinear mixed model, random set and its applications, the statistical inferenceand applications of stochastic dominance and poverty measurement, etc.

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