Study Abroad Joint Programs

SNNU students are encouraged to broaden their vision and enrich their knowledge through international learning experience.

     SNNU’s international exchange programs encourage more students and researchers to acquire a global vision and learn in a multi-cultural environment.

     Many SNNU students have the opportunity to go abroad at one of our partner universities to study as part of their degree for one semester or one academic year. Students are also encouraged to participate in summer or winter exchange programs.

     In collaboration with our partner universities, we have embarked a variety of international transfer and dual degree programs, such as 1+3+1 Programs and 2+2 Programs. Also available to our students are various overseas summer camps, study tour programs and internship programs.

     For more information on SNNU’s Study Abroad / Joint Programs, please contact:

     Ms. Jing and Ms. Li,

     International Exchange and Project Management Section,

     International Programs Office,

     Tel: 86-29-85308304, E-mail:

Dual  Degree Programs


Name of Program

Candidate & Duration


1+2+1  Sino-U.S. Talent Cultivation Program

Undergraduate: 2 years

Graduate: 1-1.5 years

University  of Idaho 2+2 Dual Degree Program

Undergraduate: 2 years

Northern  Arizona University 2+2 Dual Degree Program

Undergraduate: 2 years


Swansea  University 3+1+1 Dual Degree Program

Undergraduate: 1 year

Graduate: 1 year

Swansea  University 4+1 Graduate Dual Degree Program

Graduate: 1 year


Edith  Cowan University 2+2/1+1.5+0.5 Dual Degree Program

Undergraduate:  1.5 years

Graduate: 1.5 years

* for  students majoring in Radio and TV Editing and Directing only

New  Zealand

University  of Waikato 3+1+1 Dual Degree Program

Undergraduate: 1 year

Graduate: 1 year

Student  Exchange Program


Partner  Institution


The University of New England

Edith Cowan University


Université de Paris 10 Nanterre


The University of Erfurt


University  of Massachusetts, Boston

University  of North Florida

University  of Northern Colorado

Jackson  State University

St.  Cloud State University

Western  Kentucky University

Wright  State University

Appalachian  State University


Universidad  Carlos III de Madrid


University  of Malaya


Chuo  University

Nara  University

Soka  University


Hanyang  University

Kyungpook National University

Chungnam National University

Chonbuk National University

Kumgang University

Soonchunhyang University