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Hospital Medical Care

     Shaanxi Normal University Hospital operates on both Yanta and Chang’an campuses and provides medical care service to SNNU students, faculty and staff members as well as the local community.

     The hospital has a medical department, a surgical department, a department of gynecology and obstetrics, a department of stomatology, an otolaryngology department, a department of traditional Chinese medicine, and a department of rehabilitation medicine.

     The Yanta campus hospital has a floor area of 3,300 m2 with 40 beds, and the Chang’an campus hospital has a floor area of 5,700 m2 with 102 beds.

     It engages in regular technical exchange and cooperation and holds expert consultation with renowned local hospitals such as the No. 2 Hospital Affiliated with Xi’an Jiaotong University, for better serving the patients.

     For Emergency, please call:

     Tel: 85307612 (Yanta), 85310120 Ext. 8120 (Chang’an)

     For administrative affairs, please call:

     Tel: 85300863 (Yanta), 81530819 (Chang’an)