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Lectures & Forums

     Regular lectures and forums as well as other academic activities such as conferences and annual meetings, organized by the university or featured by school and department, are available on campus throughout the year.

     Some of the major regular lectures and forums with specific brand names:

Master Teachers Forum

Department  of Teaching Affairs

Boya* Forum

(*learned and  accomplished)

Basic Course Department for Science  and Engineering

Jixian* Forum

(*Meeting of men of  virtue)

School  of History and Culture

Thursday Forum

School  of History and Culture

Chang’an Forum

School  of Chinese Language and Literature

Qixia Masters Forum

School  of Economics and Politics

Shanglin Forum

School  of Physical Education

Qujiang Forum

Graduate  School

Tale of Life Lectures

School  of Life Science

Technology and Teaching Forum

Center for Teachers’ Professional  Competence Development

Psychology Forum

School  of Psychology

Henyuan Physics Forum

School  of Physics and Information Science

Gender Forum

Femalology  Research Center

Overseas Culture Forum

School  of Foreign Languages

Expert Guidance Lectures


Heshan Forum

Institute  of Historical Environment and Economic, Social Development in Northwest China

Jingwei* Forum

(*longitude and  latitude)

School  of Tourism and Environmental Studies

International Sinology Forum

International  School of Chinese Studies

Follow the notices posted on Eventsfor more details such as the name, lecturer, venue and time.