Counterpart Aid Programs

  After China adopted the Western Development Strategy in 2000, the Ministry of Education initiated in 2001 the Counterpart Aid program in aiding higher institutions in western China, with the core objective of improving the ability of the institutions being aided to serve regional economic and social development.

     Shaanxi Normal University signed agreements with Qinghai Normal University and Xinjiang Changji University in May 2007 and September 2011 respectively to set up a counterpart aid relations.

     We have also set up counterpart aid programs to help Chongqing Normal University, Ankang University, Yulin University and Xi’an International University.

     During these years, Shaanxi Normal University has set up a special team dedicated to these programs, coordinating the various departments and schools of the University and pooling resources to help these universities in teachers and educational administrators training, undergraduate students education, postgraduate students education, and discipline construction.

     The department responsible for this program is the Counterpart Aid Office of the university, which is set in the university’s General Administrative Office, Tel: 029-85310009.