Expert Consultation Service

 In recent years, experts and scholars of the University often go down to the grass roots to carry out investigation and research and to deliver new information, new experiences and new technologies to local communities and enterprises in the forms of sci-tech reports, discussion meeting, technical training, etc. Many of their suggestions, plans and strategies have been adopted with favorable results by local governments and have made great contribution to the local social and economic development.

Experts  and scholars Serving Grassroots

Experts and scholars going down  to grassroots to spread science and technology to the countryside and the  enterprises

Sci-tech  Expert

Sci-tech experts to Xi'an city  and Yulin city

Poverty  Alleviation Through Science & Technology

Joint sci-tech projects, joint  application for research funding, agricultural technology report, popularization  of agricultural technology, etc.

     Responsible for this work are the Department of Science and Technology and the Department of Social Science at the two offices:

     Sci-tech Development Center, Tel: 029-85310468;

     Department of Social Science, Tel: 029-85310345.