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Knowledge Transfer

In recent years, Shaanxi Normal University has set up partnership with enterprises across China in technological cooperation, in the forms of sci-tech research and development and provide technological and consulting services, in areas of chemistry and chemical engineering, biology, food, materials and computer software, etc. Each year, several hundred achievements are made through these technological cooperation and transfers.

     The university signed contracts for technological cooperation with several dozen enterprises, including Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Technology Institute Co., Ltd., Institute No. 705 of China Shipping Industry Corporation, Xinjiang Yeheyuan Fruit Co., Ltd., Gansu Tianshui Fruit Juice Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Chia Tai Tianqing Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., Chongqing Taisui Biotechnological Ginkgo Technologies Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Qinglong Hi-tech Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Sier Biological Technology Co., Ltd., Xi'an Cjoe Photoelectric Technologies Co., Ltd., Virufocus Pharmaceutical (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., Hancheng Weishan Machinery Co., Ltd., and Hanyin Shengfa Konjac Products Co., Ltd.

     We have set up joint laboratories with enterprises such as Xi’an Healthful Bio-technology Co., Ltd., Xi’an Inno Bio-engineering Technology Co., Ltd., Danfeng Kaisen Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.

     We have joined the Shaanxi Bio-medicine Alliance, Shaanxi Turmeric Industry Alliance, Xi’an Fine Chemicals Industry Alliance for concerted research and development.

     In the meantime, we are collaborating with famous local enterprises of Shaanxi province such as Buchang Pharmaceutical Group Company and Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Technology Institute Co., Ltd. In Major National Enriching Science and Technological Special Project and other major horizontal projects, so as to contribute to the local economic development, as well as enhance the university’s strength in research.

     Two departments, the Department of Science and Technology and the Educational Foundation, are responsible for this work, and a separate office of the Sci-tech Development Center (Tel: 029-85310468) of the DST is set up for this purpose.