School-Enterprise Cooperation

The SNNU Educational Foundation (Tel: 029-85310585), within its scope of business stipulated in the “Charter of SNNU Educational Foundation”, coordinates the university’s school-enterprise cooperation in areas of infrastructure development, students scholarship and grants, and more, so as to assist the university’s development and serve the society.

     In 2013, the Foundation began cooperative projects with Shenzhen Shiwei Investment Group Co., Ltd. and Xi’an Pearl International.

Name of  Enterprise

Contents  of Cooperation

Shenzhen  Shiwei Investment Group Co., Ltd

Setting up  internship base and employment base; integrating basic education resources  and platform; setting up on-job off-campus learning center; setting up  professor’s studio at each other’s locations; exchanging officials to take  temporary posts; co-developing MBA courses, think-tank for Chinese enterprise  administration, and human resources management online learning platform;  co-building animation R&D platform, etc.

Xi’an  Pearl International

Scholarship  and grants for foreign students; personnel training for enterprise; household  and interior design; cultural and tourism planning; research in urbanization;  cultural studies in clan and ancestry; Town of Origin Forum; Town of Origin  Education, and internship base.