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Serving Basic Education

Teacher Training

     Shaanxi Normal University has 24 undergraduate majors in teacher training, a Master of Education program in several orientations and a Doctor of Education program. It implements a pilot "4+2+1" talent cultivation mode, enrolling academic masters program candidates from graduating undergraduate students in non-teacher training majors, to prepare primary and middle school teachers with a master's degree.

Experimental Zone Development

     The University has established cooperative relationships with the Departments of Education of Shaanxi Province, Tianshui city of Ganshu Province, Ningxia, Qinghai, Xinjiang and Tibet Autonomous Regions in developing Teacher Education Innovative Experimental Zones. The new cooperative mode is an exploration in teacher education talent cultivation, on-job training for primary and middle school teachers, teaching internship and teaching support programs, research in educational science, application and popularization of research findings, educational consultancy service and educational resources sharing, etc., for better service to local basic education and social and economic development.

Research in Teacher Education

     Setting up annual research projects in teacher education, the University supports research into the theory and practice of teacher education, aiding its faculty members to develop teacher education courses and textbooks. It publishes "Contemporary Teacher Education", a well-received journal in teacher education theory, to provide theoretical direction and practical guidance to primary and middle school teachers, as well as new views, new information and new methods for the reform and development of teacher education and basic education.

Educational Decision-making Consultation

     The University organizes its scholars to undertake National Demonstrative Projects in Faculty Construction and Shaanxi Provincial Projects in Educational Reform and Development, to engage in planning regional educational development and consulting for regional educational policy-making, and to lead in teaching quality assessment for schools of various types and at various levels, so as to provide intellectual support for China's educational course.

Educational Administrator Training

     Specializing in on-job training for teachers and educational administrators in basic education and higher education, the Teacher and Educational Administrator Training School of Shaanxi Normal University is an important base in northwest China and has trained more than 70,000 teachers and administrators.

   The Contact information of the Training School:

   Tel (Fax): 029-85300959, E-mail: xbspbgs@snnu.edu.cn

   Homepage: http://www.xbsp.snnu.edu.cn/index.asp

Teachers Professional Development

     With the support of the construction of "985 National Advantageous Discipline Innovative Platform in Teacher Education", Shaanxi Normal University pooled its resources and invested 30 million yuan to build its Center for Teachers Professional Ability Development, one of the first such centers in China.

     The Center, focusing on research in teacher education, basic education and innovative talent cultivation, engages in system development and resources construction, in an effort to explore the effective mechanism of and approaches to teachers professional ability development.

     The Center has 25 training labs and has developed 12 courses themed around teachers professional ability development and based on the training model of "Theoretical guidance + case analysis + situational simulation + self-reflection + action feedback".

     Since 2010, the Center has trained in its programs more than all SNNU's undergraduates in tuition-free teacher training programs, Master of Education candidate and more than 2,100 in-service teachers from Shaanxi, Guangdong, Gansu and Shanxi provinces, who obtained Certificate of Teachers Professional Ability after assessment.

     The Center also developed resources and software system for training, including textbooks, teaching design database, blackboard writing testing system, teaching reflection system, psychological evaluation system, innovative personnel selection system and interactive learning online platform, etc.

     Center for Teachers Professional Ability Development

     Tel: 029-85303532

     Homepage: http://ctpad.snnu.edu.cn/

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Basic Education Curriculum Studies

     Since its founding in 2001, the Ministry of Education Center for Basic Education Curriculum Studies at Shaanxi Normal University has undertaken several national projects of basic education curriculum reform, conducted research in basic education and teacher education, rendered professional support and provided relevant training in primary and secondary school teaching.

     The Center has established a special fund for basic education to support SNNU faculty in their research in basic education and teacher education.

     Contact Tel: 029-85300920