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Centers & Institutes

The University runs educational institutions such as the Ministry of Education’s Northwest Higher Education Teachers Training Center, the Ministry of Education’s Northwest Educational Administrators Training Center, Ministry of Education’s Research Center for Basic Education Curriculum, and Shaanxi Provincial Research and Development Center for Basic Education Resources as well as dozens of academic organizations such as the Society for Tang Dynasty History of China, the Society for China’s Ancient Capitals, and so forth.

Centers and Institutes at national, provincial levels:

Ministry  of Education Engineering Research Center for the Protection of Historical and  Cultural Heritages

Shaanxi  Provincial Technological Research Center for GAP Engineering

Shaanxi  Provincial Technological Research Center for the Standardized Cultivation and  Selected Breeding of Chinese Medicinal Herbs

Northwest Institute of Historical Environment and Socio-economic Development

Northwest  Ethnology Center

Russian Center

Religious  Research Center

Center for  Rural Development Research

Northwest  Land and Resources Research Center

Research  Center for Sports Humanities and Social Science

Northwest Research Center of Basic Education and Teacher Education

Ministry of Education Center for Teacher’s Professional  Competence Development

Shaanxi  Provincial Research Center for Fruits and Vegetables Deep Processing  Technology

Centers and Institutes at the university level:

Institute  of Education

Institute  of Western Philosophy

Institute  of Ancient Books Collation

Institute  of Mao Zedong Thoughts

Institute  of Educational Administration

Institute  of Environmental Resources and Regional Development

Institute  of Fundamental Mathematics

Institute  of Classical Literature Information

Institute  of Dictionary Compilation

Institute  of Economics

Institute  of Literary Studies

Institute  of Physics

Institute  of Tang Dynasty History

Institute  of Computer Education in Primary and Secondary Schools

Institute  of Applied Acoustics

Institute of Journalism and  Publishing Science

Institute  of Zoology

Institute  of Christian Culture

Institute  of Analytical Science

Institute  of Biotechnology and Product Development

Institute  of Chinese Thoughts and Culture

Center  for Canadian Education

Institute  of Humanity

Institute  of Literature, Movie and Television

Institute  of Food Science

Institute  of Zhou, Qin, Han and Tang Dynasty Culture

Institute  of Exercise Physiology

Femalology  Research Center

Institute  of Educational Testing

Center  for Studies in Northwestern Economic Development

Institute  of Applied Chemistry

Center  for Deng Xiaoping Theory Studies

Institute  of Arts Education

Center  for Tourism Development Studies

Institute  of Agricultural Products Deep Processing

Center  for Ethnic Sci-Tech Education Studies

Center  for Northwestern Ethnic Studies

Collaborative Innovation Center of Shaanxi  Cultural Resources Development

Institute of  Buddhism Studies

Institute of  Central Asia Studies

Center  for Experimental Economics in Education