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8th Conference of Global Partners in Education held



On May 11, the Eighth Conference of Global Partners in Education (GPE8) was held in Shaanxi Normal University, which was hosted by SNNU's School of History and Culture and participated by the representatives of 21 universities from 17 countries.

Among these universities were East Carolina University of U.S.A., Urals State Pedagogical University of Russia, Heilbronn University of Germany, Universit de Tours of France, The University of Shimane of Japan, HAN University of Applied Sciences of Holland, Universidad de Monterrey of Mexico, Istanbul University of Turkey, and China's Beijing Union University, Henan Polytechnic University, Shaanxi Normal University and Hangzhou Foreign Language School.

SNNU vice president You Xuqun, East Carolina University first vice president Austin Bunch, founder of Global Understanding and Global Partners in Education Prof. Elmer Poe and Prof. Rosina Chia, ECU's Dr. Jami Leibowitz and Dr. Yang Biwu, SNNU's Prof. Jia Erqiang, International Programs Office Xu Feng, Teaching Affairs Department director Li Gui'an, and SNNU's course instructors of Global Understanding, joined the representatives at the opening ceremony.

In his speech, You Xuqun briefed the audience about SNNU's history, development, characteristics and its concepts in internationalization, reviewed its cooperation developed with ECU and success in Global Partners in Education, expressed SNNU's wish to start cooperation with educational institutions around the world, and wished success for the conference.

Mr. Bunch thanked SNNU for hosting this conference, briefed about the history of Global Understanding and Global Partners in Education, stated his opinions on the similarities, differences and exchanges between countries and cultures, and expressed his gratitude to Prof. Poe, Prof. Chia and Dr. Yang Biwu for their contribution.

On the conference, SNNU's Research Center for Silk Road History and Culture was also unveiled, as a measure of the university's effort to deepen the research and teaching in international cultural exchange. The Center's vice director Sha Wutian briefed the audience about the center and its plans for development.

Global Partners in Education was established in 2008, on the basis of the course Global Understanding, which calls on universities worldwide to push forward and extend international educational and cultural exchanges.

As a founding member, SNNU has been offering the course Communication of World Cultures in its School of History and Culture since 2004 and participated in GPE conferences since 2008.

In these 11 years, SNNU students and teachers have communicated and discussed with their counterparts in about 40 universities of more than 30 countries in this real-time online course.

The instructors of this undergraduate selective course have been honored with numerous awards, includi9ng Best Partner Award, Best Instructor Award and Shaanxi Provincial and SNNU Outstanding Teaching Achievement Awards.

The conference will last for three days. During which, a series of activities, such as key note speeches and discussions, demonstration of "Social Open Learning Environment" Platform, posters show, and Chinese traditional culture show, will be held.

Text by Feng Wei

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