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Cultural cooperation pact signed with Hanyin county



On April 8, Shaanxi Normal University signed an framework agreement for cooperation in cultural inheritance and innovation with Hanyin County People's Government at a signing ceremony held on the university's Chang'an campus.

SNNU vice president Xiao Zhenghong and Hanyin county deputy magistrate Miao Hongyan signed the agreement.

Mr. Sun Qingchao, vice director of Shaanxi Cultural Resources Development Collaborative Innovation Center, gave a briefing about the background information of this cooperation. He said this is another university-local government cooperation after agreements with Shaanxi Provincial Cultural Department, Baoji Municipal Cultural, Radio, TV, Press and Publishing Bureau and Jia County People's Government, mainly including think tank construction, creative planning, cultural dissemination, intangible cultural heritage protection, personnel training and student internship.

Ms Miao briefed the experts and officials present about Hanyin county, a place abundant in cultural and natural resources. She reviewed the fruitful cooperation between the university and the county, such as school-based teaching research and training in Hanyin's primary and secondary schools, local opera performance, and selenium-rich agricultural products development.

She said Hanyin government would provide support and logistic service to make better use of SNNU's excellent teaching resources and high-level expert teams, so as to promote the development of Hanyin country's cultural resources and cultural industry.

Mr. Xiao noted Hanyin's geographic, historical and cultural resources provided favorable basis for the cooperation. He hoped the persons responsible for the cooperation would make good use of resources, develop more bolder ideas and explore a new mode in university-county cooperation, so as to boost the county's economic development and cultural prosperity.

Officials and heads of Hanyin county's Publicity Department, Cultural, Radio, TV, Press and Publishing Bureau, Tourism Development Office, Educational and Sports Bureau, SNNU's Collaborative Innovation Center, Academic Committee, Social Science Department, Teaching Affairs Department, School of Chinese Language and Literature, and 211 Project and Discipline Construction Department attended the ceremony.

Text by Feng Wei

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