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Class of 2023 undergraduate opening ceremony held



On September 6, the opening ceremony for the class of 2023 undergraduate students of Shaanxi Normal University was held in the Shanglin Stadium on its Changan campus.

4517 Chinese students and 76 international students attending the ceremony pinned on their school badges when CPC SNNU Committee secretary Cheng Guangxu pinned a school badge for a representative of the freshmen.

SNNU officials Cheng Guangxu, You Xuqun, Lu Shengli, Wang Yong’an, Dang Huaixing, Li Lei, Li Gui’an, Prof. Qiao Quansheng, doctoral adviser of School of Chinese Language and Literature, Prof. Chen Yashao, National Outstanding Teacher and doctoral adviser of School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, and heads of schools and departments attended the event.

President You Xuqun made a speech titled “Let the Western Red Candle Shine Your Youth”, after extending welcome to the class of 2023 freshmen. He said that SNNU was a patriotic and responsible university, whose faculty and staff, students and alumni had dedicated loyally and selflessly to the development of the Chinese nation, especially western educational course, in its 75 years history, subliming into the Western Red Candle Spirit - “Pursue excellence while rooted in China's west, serve the nation with dedicated educational service”.

He told the students to inherit the spirit, let it shine their youth and light their dreams, and work hard to become socialist builders and successors with all-round moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetic and labor development. He raised three hopes for them: the first was to include themselves into the rejuvenation course of the Chinese nation; the second was to cultivate themselves through reading classics; and the third was to work harder, striving for a beautiful youth.

Vice president Dang Huaixing asked the students to understand the spiritual connotation of the school motto - Morality, Learning, Aspiration and Action, and apply it to their lives at the university, so as to write a chapter of their own youth and become a pillar of the nation.

On behalf of the teachers, Prof. Chen Xiaoduan of the School of Education spoke to the students from the perspectives of Pedagogy and Psychology, emphasizing on subjective initiative and non-intellectual factors in the learning process. He urged them to bring into full play of their subjective initiative and become active learners, maintaining high learning interest and passion and developing good learning habit. He hoped they could aim at becoming teachers with lofty ideals, moral integrity, sound knowledge and a kind heart, as advocated by Chinese president Xi Jinping, and all become excellent teachers after four years’ study at SNNU.

Speaking as a representative of current students, Class of 2020 student Yang Jiayi of the School of Chinese Language and Literature shared her experience and thoughts at the university, encouraging her underclassmen to shoulder more responsibilities and contribute their youthful strength in realizing the SNNU dream and the Chinese Dream.

      Wang Yuwen of the School of Life Science spoke on behalf of the freshmen. He recalled his story with SNNU and vowed to proud SNNUer.

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