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2019 Visiting Program for Young Sinologists begins in Xi’an



On September 7, 33 young sinologists from 26 countries attended the opening ceremony of 2019 Visiting Program for Young Sinologists (Xian), held in Xian.

SNNU vice president Li Lei, Center for International Cultural Exchange vice director Li Rui, Policy Research Division chief of Ministry of Culture and Tourism’s Bureau of International Exchange and Cooperation Liang Chuan, Shaanxi Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism head Ren Zongzhe, and SNNU International School of Chinese Studies dean Zhang Hua joined the participants and instructors at the ceremony.

The program is sponsored by Ministry of Culture and Tourism, coordinated by its Center for International Cultural Exchange, and organized by Shaanxi Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism and Shaanxi Normal University.

Participants from Japan, Iran, Egypt, Thailand and Bulgaria spoke at the ceremony, telling their stories with China. They marveled at China’s development and achievement in economy, science and technology and culture in recent years, saying China’s development not only benefits Chinese people, but also provides solutions with Chinese characteristics and wisdom to various global issues. They vowed to make full use of this program to improve their academic level, and go their share in promoting exchange and mutual learning between China and the rest of the world.

Li Lei said SNNU had been playing its active role in OBOR construction and will use this opportunity to promote its popularity and reputation in cultural exchange, Chinese language promotion and Chinese culture communication.

The program is one of the key events of the Sixth Silk Road International Art Festival, while two other programs are being held in Shanghai and Hangzhou. This year’s program features the integration of culture and tourism, with the addition of participating young scholars in the area of tourism. They will engage in research and studies in the OBOR people-to-people bond, history and current condition of China’s western development, ecological civilization and sustainable development, and folk culture development.

This is the fourth year that Shaanxi Normal University hosts the program. In addition to three-day classes, lectures and seminars centered around topics of Shaanxi history and culture, regional characteristics, folk customs, tourist development, OBOR cultural exchanges, the participants will engage in a one-week research and exchange at SNNU’s School of Chinese Language and Literature, School of Philosophy and Governance, School of History and Civilization, and School of Geoscience and Tourism, before going on a four-day survey trip to Yan’an and Yulin in Shaanxi province and Erdos in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

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