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2019 Teachers' Day Commendation Meeting held



On September 10, China’s National Teachers’ Day, Shaanxi Normal University held a meeting to celebrate the day in honor of its teachers for their excellent work during the past year.

Teams and individuals were commended for their achievements in teaching, research and other works.

SNNU leading officials, heads of departments, schools, institutes and centers, commended teachers, representatives of commended teams, and some new teachers attended the event.

CPC SNNU Committee secretary Cheng Guangxu conveyed his best wishes on behalf of the university to the teachers. He said the commended teachers were the fine representatives of SNNU faculty and a driving force for its development, and called on SNNU faculty and staff to hold tight to ideals and beliefs, adjust themselves and concentrate on the developmental objectives of the university.

Cheng hoped the teachers would adhere to the original aspiration of education and be a inheritor and practitioner of the Western Red Candle Spirit, shouldering the tasks of realizing China's education modernization and vitalizing education in western China; would improve teaching quality and engage in educational innovation, and strive to become excellent teachers; and would be the role models of their students, guiding them in their growth to a greater self.

He also urged the university officials, CPC sub-committees and branches and administrative departments to care more about the teachers and give more support in their work and life.

SNNU president You Xuqun praised SNNU faculty for their morality, professionalism, dedication and sacrifice, which he claimed were the best definition for the honorable title of Teacher. He hoped the teachers would use ideals and beliefs to guide young students in the process of teaching knowledge and skills; teach students how to learn; respect and understand students, letting them know love and gratitude; and dare to explore new methods and improve students’ innovative ability.

After watching the video “President Xi Jinping with Teachers”, the participants watched the 2019 Teachers’ Day Honor Roll, which displays the awards won and achievements made by SNNU faculty and staff during the 2018 - 2019 academic year in the seven aspects of teaching, research, faculty development, talent cultivation, lab construction, and party and mass work.

Wang Yong’an

Dang Huaixing

 Secretary Cheng and President You award Education and Teaching Contribution Award and Outstanding Education and Teaching Team Award

Secretary Cheng and President You award Teaching Model Award and 2018-2019 Teaching Model Award

Li Lei awards the 2018-2019 Excellent Teaching Quality Award

Dang Huaixing awards the 2018-2019 Excellent Teaching Quality Award

Wang Yongan awards the Award of Advanced Individual in Student Ideological and Political Work

Li Gui’an present awards to the winners of Young Teachers Teaching Skill Contest, Classroom Teaching Innovation Contest,
and Experimental Teaching Innovation and Skill Contest

CPC SNNU Committee vice secretary Wang Yong’an and vice president Dang Huaixing read the decisions of commendation, and Cheng Guangxu, You Xuqun, Wang Yong’an, vice president Li Lei, and CPC SNNU Standing Committee member Li Gui’an presented certificates of honor to the commended teachers and representatives of commended teams.

Four students performed a Poem recital “Eternal Teaching Spirit” to express their gratitude to teachers.

Prof. Fu Gangshan

Associate Professor Zhang Fan

Dr. Matteo Compareti

Prof. Fu Gangshan of School of Education, who is a winner of 2018 National 10,000 Talent Plan Teaching Master, and associate professor Zhang Fan of School of Marxism, who is the winner of SNNU’s 2018-2019 Annual Teaching Model, shared their learning and teaching experience at SNNU and thoughts about teaching and education. Foreign teacher Dr. Matteo Compareti also spoke about his love of SNNU campus and its academic atmosphere.

Lu Shengli 

CPC SNNU Committee vice secretary Lu Shengli anchored the meeting.

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