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Wu Yansheng donates 500k to establish Fengyasong scholarship



       On September 19, Shaanxi Normal University held a signing ceremony for establishing the Fengyasong Scholarship donated by Prof. Wu Yansheng, at Wenhui Building on its Chang'an campus.

SNNU Language Committee director and vice president Dang Huaixing and Prof. Wu signed the donation agreement.

Prof. Wu, a doctoral adviser of SNNU's School of Chinese Language and Literature, will donate RMB 50,000 yuan each year for ten years. The scholarship will be given to ten SNNU students and ten middle school students who have made outstanding performance in studying and reciting Chinese classics.

SNNU Educational Foundation director-general Liiu Jianbin said the scholarship was another move of Prof. Wu after he helped introduce Huayan Cultural Scholarship and Cihui Buddhist Culture Scholarship, and donated the School Spirit Stone and Academic Atmosphere Stone, and the annual review will be carried out by a work group.

Prof. Wu said he witnessed, participated and benefited from SNNU's development in the past 30 years, and also benefited from studying and reading Chinese classics, especially in inheriting traditional Chinese culture and cultivating one's own culture attainment. He hoped this scholarship would help cultivate young students participating in studying and reciting Chinese classics, which in turn would help cultivate themselves.

Zhang Shuangyan of School of Journalism and Communications shared her experience in reciting Chinese classics, when she was as a student and as a young teacher now.

Class of 2021 School of Chinese Language and Literature student Yong Li briefed about the activities of Qinfeng Poetry Society - a series of classic recitals, awards, and a consecutive seven-year participation in Cross-straits Youth Classic Recital Meeting.

Dang Huaixing paid his respect to Prof. Wu for his continued donation for the university. He reviewed that since the beginning of Chinese classics reciting education in 2007, SNNU had formed a tradition of respecting traditional culture and valuing classic reciting, improving students' cultural spirit and attainment. He hoped the students and teachers would take advantage of this scholarship to carry forward Chinese classics reciting education.

Shaanxi Provincial Department of Education's Division of Language Work vice director Li Qiang, heads of relevant departments, Language Committee staff, and some teachers and students attended the ceremony.

Students from School of Journalism and Communications performed Guanju (Crying Ospreys), an award winning recital from the Book of Songs.

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